A party game for storytellers


The Game

The world is a very, very odd place – filled with outrageous stories. A man on a 20-foot unicycle carries an armload of baguettes and a hatbox down a dark alley. Where is he going? What's in the box? A woman in a crocodile jumpsuit argues with a street musician. Why? What are they arguing about? Your best friend finds a small stone icon that pulses with the magic contained within. Wait, what? What does the icon do? What's going on?

We want answers. You have answers.

Tell us what caused the fight that made the band break up.

Draw a picture of an award-winning gingerbread house.

Act out the scene where you lead your people back out onto the surface after years in your underground bunker.

Tell an awesome story.


Scenarium is a party game where individual players (or teams of two) are given a photo, a scenario, and a prompt and they compete to see who can spin the best yarn. Challenges are divided into categories: Tell, Draw, and Act. The round begins when the director shows everyone the picture, reads the scenario, and chooses whether the other teams will Tell a story, Draw a picture, or Act out a scene. Every player (or team) takes their turn entertaining the group and the Director picks a winner for the card. The director then passes the deck to the next team and it's their turn to direct. The first player or team to win 5 cards wins the game, but if you want to go longer, or run it back, or change teams, or turn it into a very elaborate drinking game, that would be amazing. We love hearing about house rules.

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